Anaroundtheworld represents a new project for me.I have always wished to have my own little space on the internet and now I finally managed to get one.I have been writing on a blog since 2009,but it was a private blog so I was writing mostly for myself but from now on I want to share with the world,through this blog, my thoughts,photos,experiences.In 2013 I started a blog on where I used to post only photo series/essays  followed by a short description.I will try to bring them here as well,under the category Photo series.

Why Anaroundtheworld?
Because I like the wordplay and my wish is to travel all around the world.Fin.
My passions are foreign languages,traveling and photography so these will be the main themes of my blog.I will try to translate my posts(or at least a part of them) in both English and Japanese(from Romanian,my native language),for my readers who speak these languages and in order to practise my writing abilities in these languages.

Thank you for paying me a visit and don’t forget to follow me on this project,Anaroundtheworld!

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