As I said before, I love traveling.People around me probably got sick of stories that start with “When I was in…”.Exactly 5 years ago I set a goal(or a challenge,if you want),to see at least a different foreign country every year.It might seem little for some of you or a lot for others,but I am happy that I succeeded in doing this over the last 5 years,although traveling was not always the main reason for going there.

I will shortly present the countries where I have been in these 5 years.

2010Turkey-the first foreign country that I have ever visited,through a school camp;

2011Hungary,Slovenia,Italy,Austria-I was on a roadtrip around Europe with Italy as the main destination.I had the chance to see Italy from Venice to Rome;

2012France-through a school exchange between my high school and a high school in France;I had the chance to live with a french family and I practised french a lot,I would repeat the homestay experience at any time if I had the chance;

2013-was a difficult year,full of exams(end of high school exams,university entrance exams)but I managed to visit Bulgaria,because our High School prom was held there.We also visited Balchik castle,which is so beautiful!

2014Spain,the country where I stayed the longest so far,almost a month,living near Madrid.Had lots of time to see main spots in Madrid and around it;

2015-I went to Bulgaria for the second time,the only foreign country so far where I have been twice and I will also go to Japan(the country I have been dreaming about since middle school) this year,but more about this in a later post;

All in all I visited 8 foreign countries so far.There is still a long way until I reach 196 but I am proud I did visit these countries I mentioned above and that I have beautiful memories from each of them.

Short stories about my trips to these countries will come soon,so stay tuned!

I would like to hear if you also have similar goals 🙂 !

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