The light rain from last days brought with it a feeling of autumn.In a way,I am a bit nostalgic because another summer passed by, but at the same time I am happy that my favorite season is coming soon.Except the fact that I was born in this season,I love autumn for several other reasons:the temperatures get low and acceptable again,autumn landscapes painted in warm tones,a new beginning for school/university students(getting back with new energy and lots of projects and plans for the coming year),tea,warm clothes,roasted pumpkin,scented candles and the list can go on forever.

For me,it is a great season for traveling because the number of tourists significantly decreases and the pleasant atmosphere leads to unforgettable walks.Rain can be a disadvantage sometimes but armed with an umbrella and rain boots,we can enjoy the beautiful landscapes autumn has for us.

02 Rainy roses 2

01 Rainy roses

I thought the title Rainy rose would fit well the photographs above.Looking for this title over the internet,I found a nice Japanese song.If you want to listen to it,I posted a link above.


03 leaves

05 moi

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