I visited Peles Castle again,after a few years,and I can say that it remains my favorite castle in Romania.My impressions changed compared to those at 6-7 years, when I first visited the castle that made me feel like “a little princess”.But I was happy to be there again,to breathe the fresh mountain air,to enjoy the beautiful surroundings and to step into the aesthetically decorated rooms where the king himself once lived.



The scenery from the castle’s terrace


We arrived at Peles at around 11 a.m and,as we expected, it was slightly crowded.We had to wait in a queue for about 15 minutes but it was ok.We have chosen the basic exhibition,the price was very good for students and what I like about Peles castle is that you get guiding included in the entrance tax.The guide was very nice and explained to us not only basic stuff but also interesting details about the king and the queen.For example,what I found interesting was that Queen Elisabeth of Romania was fluent in 7 languages.

King Carol I’s statue

The neo-renaissance style of the castle along with the mixture of materials from several countries make Peles an unique place of Romania,visited daily by both romanian and foreign tourists.I am happy to always see many foreign tourists at Peles.

As Queen Elisabeth wrote about this international aspect of Peles Castle:

”italians were stonemasons,romanians were building the terraces,the gypsies were processing the iron,albanians and greeks were processing the stone,germans and hungarians did the joinery,polish were engineers,czechs were carvers,french did the sketches and english the measurements,and everyday you could see these hundreds of people,each in their national costumes,speaking dozens of different languages,singing,cursing,arguing or talking in all those dialects,a happy and overwhelming mix of people… ”

A few shopping stalls near the castle




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