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On the way to the dormitory,from Narita airport

My first week in Japan is about to finish and so many things happened in just a week that I don’t even know where to start from.My first days here were quite rainy due to Etau storm,with typhoon influences.This storm caused huge floodings in some parts of Japan.I didn’t expect rainy weather so I came totally unprepared. I had a free day Wednesday so I thought why not enjoy it by going out.But,going out of my dorm was quite difficult without proper rain boots and coat but I couldn’t stay inside…I just wanted to explore the area and I also had to do my groceries.A friend from the Philippines suggested going out in sandals,and so I did.It was the first time I wore sandals in rainy weather but the warm water felt so good!I had a pleasant walk in the rain for about one hour,just starring at everything that surrounded me,children in colorful rain coats,adults coming back from work,shops with colorful lights.I also managed to take a few snapshots.

2 Rainy day 2
Thursday and Friday were occupied by orientations at University.I went to the campus,which is huuge,I might get lost there a few times before I actually get used to it…

pageRainy campus

The weather cleared up from Friday so Saturday i went on a small trip at Tokyo Tower with one of the International Exchage associations from Waseda..
Also this weekend I participated at a traditional festival,my first festival here,and also experienced my first earthquake in Japan,which was big according to what others told me afterwards,because at the moment I couldn’t tell if it was big for Japan or not…

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Another full week is coming by,although I won’t start classes yet.Until next time,mata ne!


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