Since it’s that time of the year again,I decided to post a short photo series on the best Christmas lights places I’ve been to.Tokyo offers a great variety of such places,where you can delight your eyes with many colorful little lights,while strolling around with your loved one.Christmas is traditionally spent in couple in Japan,in contrast to many countries where spending Christmas with family is a well known tradition.So around Christmas,a popular date spot is represented by the great variety of places that display different Christmas lights.Of course,they are ideal places to go with your family,friends or by yourself(although you might feel a little lonely).

1.Meguro River(Sakura themed lights)

2.Santas hanging around in the super popular Shibuya

3.Fashionable Omotesando

4.Roppongi Christmas Market&Roppongi

5.Enoshima Island

6.Tokyo Doitsu Mura(Tokyo German village)

Merry Christmas everyone!

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