Brașov always had a special place in my heart.It is a quiet town,hidden in the mountains,the Carpathians,with a unique architecture and a perfect place to spend a few dreamy days or a day trip,because it is relatively close to Bucharest(about 3 hours by train).In a single day you can see the Old Center and its attractions such as the Black Church,Council Square and Council House,”String Street”(Strada Sforii),one of the most narrow streets in Europe,and you can take the cable car to Tâmpa from where a beautiful view of the city awaits to be admired.Also,you can find the first romanian school in Brașov,although a bit separated from the old center.If you have some more time,you can go around Brașov and visit the beautiful sceneries surrounding the city and places such as Poiana Brașov, Râșnov Citadel and Bran Castle(also known as Dracula’s Castle).

Brașov is a wonderful place to see in any season but in winter,although temperatures go under 0 degrees,a special charm embraces the city.And that is both thanks to snow and also thanks to the beautiful Christmas lights that can be admired from December to January.During spring,first Sunday after Orthodox Easter,takes place a unique festival called Sărbătoarea Junilor,a festival many years old and that combines elements of myth,ceremony and magic.

I went to Brașov for the first trip of 2017,together with dear ones. Brașov is certainly a city that I want to show to as many as my (foreign) friends as possible.Besides Bucharest,unique in its own way, Brașov presents a totally different atmosphere and architecture.A different way to see Romania,I think.That is why I consider it so romantic,you can wander around its little streets and get lost with your dear one,and if you get tired,you can stop whenever you want at one of its chic cafes.I highly recommend Brașov if you have a chance to visit Romania!Don’t miss it!

P.S.:Below are photos from my last trip but also from previous trips during different seasons,I tried to form a mini-series.Hope you’ll like it!

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