What a wonderful season spring is! Its pastel colors, great fragrances and perfect weather make it a great season. The past few days were just perfect for long strolls in the park while admiring the beautiful spring flowers. Bucharest has quite a few nice places where you can enjoy spring days, such as the Japanese Garden in Herastrau Park, The Botanical Garden, Cismigiu Gardens, Village Museum and others.

I visited the Japanese Garden in Bucharest for the first time this year, and I was quite surprised by its beauty. It was just like being at a  hanami in Japan! Which made me feel kind of nostalgic… And there is also a Romanian-style garden in Herastrau park, with traditional architecture. Near Herastrau Park, you can find the Village Museum, the biggest outdoor museum in Bucharest, that shows many types of traditional architecture from around Romania. They often have various events there during the weekends, such as traditional music shows or Easter fair and so on. I recommend a visit there if you plan on coming to Bucharest!

I love Botanical gardens, and an annual visit to the Bucharest Botanical Garden is a must for me. One of the reasons is also the fact that the Japanese Department at my University organizes a festival there. This year I guided my friend from Japan around the festival and had a photo session with my friends dressed in beautiful kimonos.

But besides parks and gardens, normal streets in Bucharest also get a special vibe during spring, thanks to the many kinds of spring trees that bloom during this season.

Have a wonderful spring, everyone!

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