My most recent blog post was about how much I love spring and I tried to show you some of my favorite places in Bucharest. This post is also about spring, but it is a look post. I chose something light, casual but also a bit elegant for a Sunday spent at the Botanical Garden in Bucharest. Because it was a sunny, beautiful day, sunglasses or a cap were a must.

I fell in love with this pair of jeans the moment I saw them. They are mom fit jeans so besides being super comfortable, their Jacquard flower print makes them really special. So I decided they will be my favorite jeans from now on :).

Tell me what you think of this look! Have a beautiful day!

What I wore:

Cap-H&M / Sunglasses-MeliMelo / Top-Depot 96 / Jeans-Bershka / Shoes-Adidas / Trench coat-Orsay


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